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Beth Burgess was once a total mess and is now an award-winning, bestselling author, a respected therapist, coach, and writer. Following her own quest to become wiser, she founded, to share what she has learned. "Instant Wisdom: 10 Easy Ways to Get Smart Fast" is the first book in the Wiseism series.

Beth's previous books include: What Is Self-Esteem?, The Recovery Formula, and The Happy Addict, which won a BookAuthority Award for "Best Drug Addiction Books of All Time". She also contributed two papers to Addiction and Choice: Rethinking the Relationship, which was highly commended by the British Medical Association and shortlisted for its Book of the Year Award.

Beth has written articles for New Statesman, The Big Issue, The Huffington Post and various other publications. She has appeared on BBC Radio, been featured on international media channels, and is often sought out for expert commentary on topics such as mental health and effective ways of achieving happiness and well-being.

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This book will make you smarter, more capable and more creative, super-fast - whatever your IQ. Have you ever had a problem at home, work or in a relationship that you just couldn't figure out how to solve? Have you felt stuck and frustra...
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Instant Wisdom: 10 Easy Ways to Get Smart Fast

A Peek Into the Life of Beth Burgess

Me uber-excited about my new book!

Me uber-excited about my new book!

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