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  Barbara is the hot butch with her sights sets on the new femme bartender at Rainbow Junction. Up until recently Jackie has been off limits, but a bad break up has her back on the market and looking for love. The signals these two keep s...
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Worth the Wait
  Melissa has had her girlfriend’s name tattooed on her arm for quite some time. Her girlfriend Kendra wants to show her commitment by doing the same. There’s only one problem. Kendra has a horrible fear of needles. Can a hot ...
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In My Skin
When Lynette's worst fear comes true and her girlfriend loses her job because of discrimination, she's forced to step back and take a harsh look at her own prejudice. As a full figured, bi-racial lesbian she has faced bigotr...
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Necessary Roughness
Olivia and Aleesha were best friends who fell in love, until discovery of their blossoming relationship by Olivia’s mother tore them apart. Now, almost twenty years later, Olivia and Aleesha accidentally find one another again. The chemistry...
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Better With Age
When a shy, very vanilla lesbian visits an adult toy store for the first time in her life, it's bound to be quite a shock. It's a good thing the sexy shop owner doesn't mind taking the extra time to introduce Jane to all the deli...
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Aim to Please
Though Dane tries to hide his secret fetish from his partner, Jack discovers his husband's voyeuristic tendencies and decides to surprise his lover with a special treat. After a nice dinner and a hot trip to an adult theater, Jack is sure Dane will w...
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Dinner and a Movie
What is it about tattoos that make them so sexy? This Toy Box answers that question for the ladies, with three hot stories. A Bucket List Tattoo by Adriana Kraft finds just past fifty and freshly divorced cardiac nurse Natalie Gardner who decides ...
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Toy Box: Tattooed Ladies
Janet and Ben are enjoying a night out on the town and trying keep their raging libidos in check. But when a bit of foreplay gets too hot for them to handle, the pair make a quick pit stop so they can safely satisfy their lust. It's a hot adult encou...
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Date Night
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After several successful years on the GLBT rodeo circuit, Samantha ‘Sammy’ Taylor has fought and won the right to compete against the regular guys in the yearly Texas Rodeo. The prize money is big and her need for it is even bigger. Witho...
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Saddle Up
When Tinsel Redleigh Sawyers, affectionately nicknamed Red, finds out her grandmother is seriously ill, she immediately drops everything and rushes to the hospital. En route an unexpected car accident leaves her badly injured. With no hope of rescue ...
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A Little Taste of Red

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