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For too many years to count I've worked as a RN, first in hopsitals(mainly ICU, ER and medical wings) then at medical centers as the hours were more suitable in raising a family and finally moved on to Public Health in two different counties. While focusing on homecare, I also worked many of the clinics. After 911, I also joined the Medical Reserve Corps, part of Homeland Security which meant I'd be available to go to any disaster if needed. I enjoyed all the aspects of nursing and loved the patients I met and being part of seeing them through their recoveries.

But then, after an injury laid me low for a bit and a friend loaned me oodles of romance novels (I'd never read them before but became totally engrossed, let me tell ya), I thought I might give writing a shot. I knew I had to write romance and most likely a historical. Oops! Give it a shot?WRONG! When you have no knowledge of what it takes to do more than simply put words on papers, let me tell you need help. That's HELP in drastic desperation. I quickly found out you must know the ropes, the right way to say what you mean in as few words as possible (otherwise your book might be one thousand pages) and you need support and guidance as to what to do with those mounting pages when you finish your first draft. Long story short, I continued as a nurse, joined RWA and became a charter member of my local chapter LCRW. Thank you God! But it took forever to pierce my medical mindset and get to the point I'm at now. So, just nicely said, it took a heck of a long time.  So yes, I did rack up a bunch of rejections, but not one to give up easily, I plunged onward.

My first Historical Romance, Only When the Loon Sings published by TWRP released in 2012. My second novel, All For Love, published by Prairie Rose Publications released Sept 18, 2014. I'm now working on a Deaconess and Gunslinger ( not sure of the title yet). I love writing humorous, sensuous and steamy romances set out west, but also enjoy including a lesson learned or bringing awareness to an important issue. My first novel was written to raise awareness of ALS. My second is a tribute to Social & Protective Services since my schoolmarm is much like today's social worker as she battles against domestic violence throughout the town. I may cover heavy, sensitive topics, but hope I've sprinkled enough humor from beginning to end that my readers finish with a laugh and a sigh of contentment.

I love all animals; I especially love, love, love dogs. Nascar is a household word in our home. And boy do I love to travel, especially out west. Cooking for friends, boating and swimming, and gardening are my fortays. And more than anything I relish visiting with our two grandaughters.

I love hearing from readers. Feedback is absolute GOLD. So if you're so inclined to say yea or nay regarding what I've written, or if you're a new writer and want to chat (I adore helping upcoming writers and judge contests because I believe in pay back) please know you're more than welcome to come on over to my blog @ beverlywellsauthor.wordpress,com or gmail me @

May your day be filled with true joy, a wealth of health and much love.


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All For Love released Sept. 18, 2014 by Prairie Rose Pulbications and I'm delighted to be part of their team of devoted and outstanding authors. If you read my first Historical Romance Only When the Loon Sings you already know I like to writ...
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All For Love
Searching for true happiness, as well as escape from a controlling family, Morgan Prescott answers a Brides Wanted ad and leaves New York City's high society life for the wilds of Washington Territory.  Her spirit and intelligence carry h...
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Only When the Loon Sings
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