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Bjorn Street is the persona I assume as an author.  Confession… “Street” is not my true last name.  Yes, being an author is a glamorous and noble profession… mingling with the celebrities, attending prestigious fundraisers, being interviewed on TV.  But in REAL life, I’m just an average Joe… mow the lawn on the weekends, watch sports on TV, spend time with family, read books, try to balance the budget… basically, living a NORMAL LIFE… except for my passion for WRITING!

In September 2012, I finished my first novel “SECRET OF THE MUMMY”, which has been published on Amazon, B&N, Apple iStore, the Reader Store [Sony], Kobo, and others.  The novel is set in ancient Egypt circa 1500 B.C., and is about 72,000 words [about 300 pages].  

As a kid, I composed classical music.  Then I got into jazz, pop, and rock, and later, music videos, with a bit of dabbling in animation software.  [I love classic animated features like “Beauty and the Beast” and “Mulan”, as well as the artistry in anime!]

I also spent quite a few years competing in running events and triathlons [ran a few marathons and completed an Ironman].  That was in a “different life” – I still exercise regularly just for the fun of it, but no longer compete in events.  What can I say?  Interests change, new challenges arrive… and twenty pounds heavier, I‘m now in a different chapter of my life!

Did I mention my precious comic collection?  I still have all my comics from when I was a kid - one of my prized possessions!  DC versus Marvel – never could decide!  :)


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The Prophet of Amon: the Alien Connection in Ancient Egypt
Epic romance, heroism, adventure, and mystery… Ancient Egypt circa 1500 B.C… a magical time when the Divine Princess Hatshepsut rose to power as Pharaoh, the first all-mighty FEMALE leader in Man’s history!  But there was ...
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Secret of the Mummy

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