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Bliss Addison

     I'm one of those if-it's-going-to-happen-to people...maybe you can relate. I considered the misfortune an affliction until the day I turned to writing.
     Many times throughout my career as a paralegal, I'd entertained the idea of writing a book. I had the experiences for a story, and lawyers would make wonderful characters, I thought. Why shouldn't I at least try? So, I put pen to paper (yes, handwritten, all one hundred and twenty thousand words of it. LOL Can you imagine?) and after several months, finished the the novel. Pleased, I tucked my accomplishment away in an empty puzzle box where it sat gathering dust until I took it out of the closet five years later. I worked on it...and worked on it until A Battle of Wills was borne. From there, I went on to write the sequel, With Malicious Intent

      I branched out then and tried my hand at murder mysteries and soon learned I not only loved to read all genres, but loved to write them as well. 

      I'm the youngest of eight children, have a niece and nephew older than I and was a great aunt at twenty years old. 

      I'm originally from a small town on the northern tip of picturesque New Brunswick Canada and now reside in Saint John, New Brunswick with my husband and a dog named Spencer, who also answers to Hon, Sweetie, Baby, Snookums, Rott and Omigawd. I'm the mother of two and the grandmother of six (ages 19, 17, 12, 6, 5 and a toddler).

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