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Bob was born in Philadelphia. A street kid who managed to graduate from high school, he bummed around for several years in beach towns in New Jersey and the streets of New York City before joining the U.S. Navy. Court marshalled for direct disobedience of orders and setenced to twenty one days of hard labor, he went on to be honorably discharged, and graduated from Columbia University under the G.I. Bill of Rights. He was a copywriter for several top Los Angeles advertising agencies and received several creative awards for his work. Also an actor, he has appeared in some forty independent films and stage plays, including creating the part of Daddy in the original production of "Hazing the Monkey." He now lives in the Northwest with his wife, Susan.


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Someone is killing the A-List actors of Hollywood, shooting them dead, and leaving a defaced DVD of one of their films at the crime scene. A deranged film critic? A disgruntled fan? Who? Who is intent on depriving the movie-going public of their grea...
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The DVD Murders

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