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My name is Robert S. Nailor but most people call me Bob. Notice that I placed an "S" in my name. My father's name was Robert and my #4 son's name is Robert so to keep things straight, we had different middle initials. But enough of that.

I retired from the federal government on December 31, 2006. One would think I should have plenty of time to write now but I actually seem to have less now. So, to make sure that things work out correctly, I try to force myself to sit down and write. That doesn't always work. Today, writing is fun and I find it relaxing. I get to visit those fantastic and strange places in my mind and well, if I don't come back right away, there isn't a boss behind me writing on a pink sheet of paper.

Since you've come to my site I already know that you've seen my works and accomplishments so I am not going to waste a lot of time repeating that information. So instead I will tell you tidbits of my life.

I am a resident of NW Ohio with a ranch home snuggled into a quaint wooded acre. I was born in Sioux City, Iowa but moved to Ohio in 1953. Most people won't tell you their age but I was born in 1946, so go figure it out. I'm married, have four sons and currently have eight grandchildren -- 6 granddaughters and 2 grandsons.

My interests are travel (have RV, will travel), gardening, music, cooking and reading. So where do I travel? I've been in 46 of the 50 states and strangely, Hawaii is one of the states I've visited. I have also visited two of our territories - Puerto Rico and Virgin Islands. Gardening? A bit gamey since we live in the country and have the wildlife visiting us constantly -- deers, rabbits, racoons, birds, and squirrels. So vegetables don't always make it to harvest but what does is more than tasty. And there are flowers, too, to keep me busy. Music? I love New Age music and my favorite group is Mannheim Steamroller... and not just because of their fabulous Christmas albums; I was hooked on them before that. I also have created some of my own music which I've been told is pretty good. Check it out at Cooking? Oh, I love to cook. I do gourmet cooking and while with the Boy Scouts, having taught many boys how to cook, also won quite a few contests with some very original recipes. As to what I read -- a lot of science fiction and fantasy. Well, doh! Okay, I also read other genres if it catches my attention.

Guess I'm not all that exciting. Just a writer but I am very glad you visited my site and hope you come back from time to time to see the new stuff.

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