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I've always been a sci-fi girl. I remember running home from school to watch Robotech when I was little. Yeah I liked Roy and Rick (Rip), but I always thought Max was hot.

Fast forward to now and I have my own "Max". When we're not having out of this world -ahem-, I'm writing about it.

I love stories with strong women and the men who appreciate them. Even when it gets them both into trouble. No damsels in distress here. I try to mix fun with epic, add in a little spice...Voila! A sexy salad you can really sink your teeth into!

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Funny - Sexy -Out of this world! I always dreamed of travelling the stars as an ambassador to mysterious and exciting alien worlds. When the Syalantian Empire made contact with earth, I jumped at the chance to make my wish come true. But reality thre...
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Titan Rising: part 1

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