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Bodhi Alvarez always dares to push the envelope, and never met a curse word he didn't think looked great on paper. He was born middle finger first in the State of California. This nomadic soul has introduced himself to thousands of strangers and is always in search of a deeper understanding for the human condition. Mr. Alvarez is a deeply flawed individual, much like anyone worth knowing in this world, and he strives to find the humor in his misfortune while pretending his flaws don't exist. He draws inspiration incessantly from great stories about travel and adventure, and has always been impressed by the works of Mark Twain, Jack Kerouac and Paulo Coelho. Simply put he writes to encourage readers to find a deeper truth, and hopes to entertain along the way.

Current Releases
Kevin Saunders did everything right. He had followed the rules, got good grades, and stayed in school like the commercial said. He should have been well on his way to fulfilling the American Dream, but somewhere along the line the dream took a hiatus...
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Masturbating With Strangers

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