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Bonnie Rose Leigh

Bonnie Rose Leigh is a Bestselling Author with over a dozen books available in various erotica sub-genres.  She lives in a small town in Upstate, New York and spends most of her time on the computer either writing, or visiting with friends. If she’s not busy on the computer, she spends her free time reading. It doesn't matter what genre the book is either, though she is partial to romance novels. Most evenings, Bonnie can be found sprawled in a chair with a book clutched in her hands while a steaming cup of cocoa sits nearby.

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Current Releases

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Loving the Sheika

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Sandi's Crimson Knights
Amelia (Mia) Branson vows to do anything to save the farm left to her by her aged aunt. Unable to get a loan, two handsome university professors approach her with an offer she just can't refuse.   Markus Carrain and Aeden Simion, two men from...
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Narian Rebirth: Mia's Discovery

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