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Even at Christmas, children should be careful what they wish for. Blurb: Zachery Smith is determined to see Santa Claus when he comes to bring the presents since he was a good little boy all year. But it's not the bicycle that Santa's bringing th...
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Santa's Little Helper
Schizophrenic ex-cop Drake Carson chases the Misfit, who he believes to be evil incarnate, across an apocalyptic Middle America. Drake Carson, a retired Chicago beat cop, knows his mind is going up in sparks like Chinese New Year, but he'...
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Americana: The Last Gleaming
Joseph, a middle aged family man has never been satisfied with what life has dealt him. At what cost will indulge his wildest dreams? Joseph, unsuccessful in his marriage and fatherhood, works the late shifts in a lonely New Mexican desert con...
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Love of the Dead: Redux
It doesn't matter what the gods think, life is not their whim. At the end of the Corpse Road sits All Worlds Way, an inter-dimensional graveyard. It is there that Pauly must work out his fate. With his final destiny on the line, will it be...
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Servant of the Mud
A man and his wife have love, now they want a child. A decade of indifference, an epiphany... the brilliant Seward Stacy woke one morning to find himself Godless and alone. Brandi-Wyne, a beautiful women fallen from grace, as alone as he. Toge...
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Anima Venti

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