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Brandie Tarvin

By day, Brandie Tarvin works as a Database Administrator and writes technical articles for By night, she sails pirate-populated waters, fights evil robots in disguise, and plays superhero (or villain, depending on her mood). She has written several short stories, including "Two for the Price of One" in the Transformers: Legends anthology and "Tales We'll Tell Tomorrow" for the Shadowrun Street Legends supplement. She is also freelance writer for Catalyst Game Labs and is featured in several of Stephen D. Sullivan's and Jean Rabe's Blue Kingdoms anthologies. Her next story, “Legend of the Beemen” by Musa Publishing, debuts in June.

Brandie is a member of the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America (SFWA), the International Association of Media Tie-In Writers (IAMTW), and a graduate of Viable Paradise, which she calls “the best little writers workshop ever!” Links to her work can be found on her website at She blogs at and tweets at!/wannabewriter06.

Brandie's MR Links
Current Releases
  The people of Mogahnee Island thought they were being rescued, but the ship had other plans. When a haunted brigantine hunts fresh victims in the isolated island of Magahnee, Harbormaster Glenda must find a way to fight the monster ...
Available Now!
The Monster of Moghanee Bay
Running from your past never works, especially when it's hunting you down. Former yellowjacket queen, Balsa, has taken refuge with her cousin Juniper after the destruction of her own home by the legendary beemen. When other yellowjacket ci...
Available Now!
Legend of the Beemen
Space Tramps is the fifth anthology in the Full-Throttle Space Tales series. Edited by Jennifer Brozek, Space Tramps is the collection of 16 campfire stories about tramps and vagabonds in outer space. Tales woven by the spacefaring lost: ...
Available Now!
Space Tramps
Fifteen tales of women and men who offer pleasure, comfort, companionship -- and other things not so easily defined -- for a price. Stories that span time, space, and genre by Rob Chilson, Mary A. Turzillo, Jana Oliver, Mark W. Tiedemann, Cecilia ...
Available Now!
The Ladies of TradeTown
Think your job is bad? Would you prefer to... Shake rats to listen for their death rattles? Have a PhD (Piled Higher, Deeper) in a craptastic job? You're a soldier. You fight. You die. You're a bodyguard? Work your way up in the...
Available Now!
A Career Guide to Your Job in Hell
Magic fills the Blue Kingdoms. Its tendrils reach through the islands, ensnaring the denizens of the World-Sea with effects both sublime and monstrous. Magic . . . • Pulses with the pull of the oars on a zombie slave ship. • Flows from a...
Available Now!
Blue Kingdoms: Mages & Magic
Sail enchanted seas and cross swords with a crew of award-winning fantasy authors in the first book of the exciting new Blue Kingdoms world! Within these pages, you'll find enchanted islands, angry sea gods, mysterious magic, and pirates galor...
Available Now!
Pirates of the Blue Kingdoms
Between twilight and dawn, half-glimpsed things lurk in the swirling sea mist, long-dead things that have clawed their way out of the darkest abyss, things that were better left entombed. In this second volume of Blue Kingdoms Stories, you'll ...
Available Now!
Blue Kingdoms: Shades and Specters
An anthology of Transformers that stretch the length of Generation 1 (G1) to Beast Machines, covering cartoon, comics, and the original fiction novels.
Available Now!
Transformers: Legends

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Brandie Tarvin's Links:!/wannabewriter06

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