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Current Releases
Sequel to Conjuring the Flesh   Pledged to Magic: Book 3 Victory carries a price. Thane and Ander snatched the promise of immortality from a tyrant’s grasp, but now the zamindar will stop at nothing to regain what he lost. ...
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Sex Rite
Sequel to Apprenticed to Pleasure   Pledged to Magic: Book 2   Ander’s days as a musician in a hall of companions are over. Initiation into a secret band of mages strained Ander’s body and dazzled his senses, ...
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Conjuring the Flesh
Pledged to Magic: Book 1   As a musician in Pella’s finest brothel, Ander thought he knew all about sex between men. He was wrong. One night, two handsome lovers draw him irresistibly to a revelation: intense pleasure can be a g...
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Apprenticed to Pleasure
Rhan knows what it means to bear the daemon’s visible mark. The Empire claimed and culled his childhood friend, and he has never forgiven the government for its callousness. When Rhan is assigned to help Imperial soldiers find a dangerous he...
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