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I was born on a farm in the Red River Valley of eastern North Dakota, and grew up climbing trees, riding my pony, and daydreaming under a wide prairie sky.  I left North Dakota after college, and have since lived in Colorado, Minnesota, Iowa, Washington, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, and for the past nineteen years, Michigan.  Most of us, I believe, are deeply defined by the regional worldviews and patterns of behavior learned during our youths, so no matter where I am living or what I am doing, I think of myself as a North Dakotan.

My first novel, Mavis, was published in 1996, and my second novel, Dakota, Or What’s a Heaven For, was published in 2010.  I also have published a book of scholarship, Teaching the Postmodern: Fiction and Theory (Routledge, 1992).

 I live in the country near Ann Arbor, Michigan, with my spouse of 30 years, two horses, two dogs, and one cat.  When not writing or teaching, I might be trying to improve my nascent woodworking skills, riding horse, working in my vegetable garden, reading, exercising at the gym, listening to opera, or planning trips, some of which I actually take.



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The lives and schemes of frontier politicians, Northern Pacific Railroad executives, bonanza farmers, and homesteaders converge in the story of Frances Houghton Bingham, who marries the son of a Red River Valley bonanza farmer in order to remain near...
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Dakota, Or What's a Heaven For

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