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Brenda Steele loves all things out of the ordinary. She writes to gratify the cravings of her own sexual drive, and then for her dear readers. Hopefully, the two won’t be far apart and all who read her work will come away satisfied. Look for her hot “My Lover” series and the continuation of her “Accidental Mates” series.
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Kai is a half-demon, half-human, looking for a new lover. He's got to be strong enough to meet her inexhaustible sexual needs and--human. Too bad she's just met a man who might be perfect in the bedroom, but he isn't human in the least! Donovan is no...
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Immortal Fire
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Tiam is done with the Drelconians. She hopes to find acceptance among the humans at a small outpost on Orel-x Four. Expecting a peaceful life pretending to be human, she finds two plots against her people and a very vengeful and horny Ladon. When Lad...
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Accidental Mates: Ladon
Second book in the Accidental Mates series. Shannon is abducted by the leaders of the shape-shifting dragons who have a plan to mate her with the Drelconian lords, even if they have to watch the process from start to finish. If one sexy candidate...
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Accidental Mates: Ryuu
First book in the Accidental Mates Series. With temporary genetic enhancements to her body, to make her sexier, Harmony sneaks into the dragon shape-shifter’s room to either seduce him or kill him—whatever works to keep the beast from...
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Accidental Mates: Draco

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