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My name is Brian Beecher.  I reside in Villa Park, IL which is west of Chicago.  I have worked in many different fields and have written for pleasure most of my life.  In 2007 I decided to take the interest a step further and began writing my first book, titled This Is What I Do.  It is the story of a man who tries to find his identity following a layoff from a corporate job.  After engaging in yet another corporate job, losing his girlfriend(he gets her back at end of story), being swindled by another woman, and enduring the illness of his mentor, he eventually finds his true calling as a high school counselor assisting young men and women in avoiding the pitfalls of life on the streets.

My followup is titled Needed Now and this is the story of the in and out relationship between a man who was wounded while on service duty and was told he would eventually suffer debilitation as the result of not being completely cured from his wounds.  They do eventually marry, and in the end the lead character does become crippled and eventually die.  The story takes many twists and turns in between, and the theme of somone of something being needed now is prevalent throughout the story.

My most recent finsihed product has yet to be published.  It is a story of betrayal through office politics after the lead character comes clean about desiring a romance with a woman who is his immediate superior on the job.  At first he feels as if the attraction is mutual, and it probably was, but a vast plot of betrayal and jealousy takes place beyond the scene.  The story's central plot deals with how careers can be destroyed through office politics.

The first two titles have been self-published via AuthorHouse and are available on their website as well as at


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I have two self-published books listed on my bio, but am especially interested in seeking ideas on how to get my latest story to the next level.  It deals with betrayal through office politics after the lead character desires a romance with the woman who is his immediate superior on the job.  A plot to undo him follows his confession and the story ends with the central character wondering if he will go to his grave still without the answers he is seeking.

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