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Brian S. Converse is an author of science fiction, fantasy, horror and poetry. He lives in Colorado with his wife, four kids, dog, and cat. 


Twitter: @BrianSConverse

Facebook: BrianSConverse

Instagram: @BrianS.Converse

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Check out my science fiction and poetry books!

Current Releases
Separated! James Dempsey and his team of powered humans are stranded on Rajan with no way to find each other. They must search for any resistance fighters among the peaceable Rajani inhabitants. Meanwhile, there is a political cover-up beginnin...
Available Now!
Rajani Chronicles II: Resistance
A collection of poetry that encompasses the author's experience with love, loss, relationships, and the world around him.
Available Now!
The Island of Despair
Kidnapped!  Detroit police lieutenant James Dempsey is on the verge of career burnout when he awakes aboard an alien spacecraft. He finds his life has changed, and possibly for the better. The Rajani crewmembers are desperate for help, and...
Available Now!
Rajani Chronicles I: Stone Soldiers

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