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Brianna Carlisle is a published author, freelance journalist, game designer, and graphic artist living in Colorado. She enjoys creative writing as well as composing digital art and dabbles with music on occasion.


In October of 2011, Brianna developed a simple system for the random and yet logical generation of basic murder mystery scenarios as a role-playing event for an well known massively multiplayer online fantasy role-playing game. Such events had become so popular that Brianna decided to elaborate on her unique system to work for the creation of live action role-playing games such as those that are played at murder mystery dinner parties.


This innovative system became the basis for her first non-fiction book: (The Official) Suspects & Sleuths Murder Mystery Design Guide -A Guide for Creating, Writing, and Hosting your own Murder Mystery Dinner Party Games.


Curious to see just how such a system might be received as a book, Brianna went on to self publish the guide as a book using print on demand technology. Much to her surprise the book was received and has sold very well considering a lack of huge budget for paid ads and promotions. Based on the success of this title alone, Brianna decided to try obtaining at least an part-time income from writing articles on creative fiction and continues to pursue her dreams of writing fiction novels. 

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A Note From Brianna J Carlisle

I am witty, I can be bright, and often restless. I sometimes need constant mental stimulation, variety, and most important; space and freedom. Although an introvert, I can be extroverted in the right situations to the point of being the elusive social butterfly. I am very curious about that which I do not know and I like to explore lifes mysteries. Sometimes I can be easily amused and distracted at the same time. Oh look, a squirrel!

I am light hearted, free spirited, and take reality and the world around me with a grain of the old proverbial salt. I'm a bit silly here and there when I am in a playful mood, a jokester even, and will steel the spotlight if I can. I am extremely flirtacious and this occasionally gets me into some trouble with the boys and/or their girlfriends -oooops.

On rare occasions I can be quite reclusive and seemingly moody
-dont take it personal, I'm recharging. As a Gemini I am often acused of being two faced, and I am, I can be the unexpected sweetheart or the royal bitch depending on how you approach me or treat me. It is because of this that some will find me superficial and fickle. Dont worry, I'll come back down to earth eventually. If I seem moody just leave me be for awhile and trust me, I'll get over it, whatever it was that was bothering me.


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If you have ever wanted to write and host your own murder mystery party games but you did not know where to start or how to begin than this book is the perfect guide for you! All the ideas and inspiration you could possibly ever nee...
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Suspects & Sleuths Murder Mystery Design Guide

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