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A former operative for the CIA, Brigit Zahara previously unleashed her passion for excitement and adventure through her work, spending a good deal of her time traveling throughout the United States and Europe, with lengthy spells in New York, Los Angeles, Louisiana, Venice, London, Florence and Malta.

After Brigit took an early retirement, she then looked to her closet habit of writing fiction as a means of indulging her need for pulse-pounding action. From there, her taste very quickly turned to the tantalizing arena of erotica. Brigit has written a number of sizzling titles for Ellora’s Cave. She looks forward to writing and publishing many more torrid tales of love and sensuality with this top publisher of erotic literature.

Currently Brigit lives in a seaside villa in Majorca, spending the steamy days penning even steamier stories and the cool, ocean-breeze-kissed evenings researching love scenes with her heart’s destiny and husband of nine years. She welcomes hearing from fans.
A Note From Brigit Zahara

Love and sex go together like chocolate and can have one without the other but it's SO much better when you combine the two. 

All my stories are about characters, either wittingly or not, in search of that very combination - be they vampires, werewolves, mermen, or mere mortal man (and woman! :)

In reading my books, I hope you all find, enjoy and keep this scintillating combo in your lives.

Current Releases
Kissing the Blarney Stone What’s better than one sexy Irishman? Why, two, of course!   Not that Maggie is out for sizzling, steamy sex on her first trip to Ireland. At the top of her to-do list is a pint of homegrown Guinnes...
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The More the Merrier
Genre: GLBT (m/m), Paranormal, Romance, Vampire Price: $3.99, Pages: 73 ISBN: 978-1-55487-682-2 Flame Rating: 4 Flames Cover Artist: Angela Waters Release Date: October 1, 2010 Sex to die for. When it comes to sex, street hooker Sas...
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Still grieving over the loss of her fiancé, Randi has lost her artistic focus and even her will to paint. That is, until an archaic palette opens the door to an incredible world and adventure on the other side of the canvas. Transported in...
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Enchanged Palette
Galeria is ready to hit the streets of L.A. for a quick snack. She is a very happy, satisfied woman—having just left her two hot vampire lovers sleeping soundly in her bed. But their lives weren’t always so wonderful, such a long time...
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The Turning
After a very upsetting day, Sera heads to Bar None and the solace of the joint’s owners, Nate and Fab, her two best friends who, oh yeah, just happen to be vampires. Beautiful, well built and in possession of breathtaking animal magnetism, ...
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Bar None
Well-known food editor and virgin erotica novelist Caroline travels to Paris to get the goods on chocolatiers Stephane and Etienne. Again. Having met the tasty duo the year before, Caroline is très excited to reunite with the incredibly sexy F...
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Chocolate Craving
Deeley hates ice cream, an unlucky break for the part-owner of the roadside ice cream stand in the Sonoran desert known as Creamy Delights. She hates her unadventurous life even more. Maybe her ex-boyfriend was right when he called her “vanilla...
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Creamy Delights
Hawaii has always been known as a hot spot but Kayla really starts to feel the heat when she and her two best friends Ty and Justin visit Papaya Paradise, a sprawling, oceanfront B&B property that the trio is hoping to purchase. While a blind...
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Papaya Paradise
What’s better than one sexy Irishman? Why, two, of course! Not that Maggie is out for sizzling, steamy sex on her first trip to Ireland. At the top of her to-do list is a pint of homegrown Guinness and a visit to the country’s famous ...
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Kissing the Blarney Stone
One blackmailed beauty and two delicious brothers in the candy biz equals one very sticky situation for the three of them. Reilly’s Rockets executive assistant Sherry Martin is coerced into spying on the candy corporation’s number one...
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Lollipop Kings
It’s just another lonely and boring night for widowed Officer Trisha MacAvie Sutton as she pulls into a convenience store after her Friday night shift. Turning down the hot chocolate aisle, Trisha comes face to face with Nazz Pisani and Pasqual...
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Sandwich Play

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Catch of the Day
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Who says three's a crowd? In fact, on Halloween — a notoriously exciting time filled with thrills and magic and pulse-pounding surprises — a threesome can be a supernatural delight. Or so Callie finds out when she teams up again with ...
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Conjured Bliss
After getting dumped by her cheating film producer boyfriend and getting a demotion at work, L.A. Times reporter Liz Hawke has certainly seen better days. But after a startling moment of clarity, she picks herself up, ditches her daily dose of pain-n...
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