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Britni Hill is a writer that never dreamed of getting her stories out in the world for people to read.  Once a hairstylist with a stockpile of ideas and written works she’s now an author too, and can’t be happier.  Her first work, Tears in the Rubble, is being published by Rebel Ink Press and is set to come out April 17, 2012.
She lives in the Midwest with her boyfriend of two years.  
As early as fifth and sixth grade Britni remembers putting stories on paper, whether it be Mickey Mouse shaped or just a normal scrap of paper.  As it always seems to, life took over and Britni took a break from writing.  It didn’t last for long though.  The characters in her head screamed to be let out, so she went back to writing with a renewed passion.  She hasn’t looked back since.
Britni’s inspirations come from the lively and interesting world around her.  Friends and family add to the stories in her head constantly.  Her love of music, movies, art, and people watching spark her ideas and help give them shape.  

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