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Brooke Adams is an incurable romantic and, as such, firmly believes that love will conquer all. Love is the strongest driving force in the universe and should be above everything else; at least that is the message she tries to portray through her characters. A true Pisces, she loves the mystic and paranormal and intricately weaves both into her real-world plots, which she flavors with a dash of erotic romance.

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  His music brought them together. A gypsy's magic would do the rest. For successful romance novelist Annie Blake, writing happy endings is one thing but believing in them is another. When her editor proposes writing the biograp...
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The Songwriter
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What happens when the forces of good and evil confront each other over the love of a mortal woman? All hell breaks loose.   An earth-shattering secret hidden for two thousand years finally sees the light when archaeologist Claire ...
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The Seed Bearer
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Janie Lovell is a brilliant project manager working at the Madrid office of a leading consulting firm. Beautiful and aggressive, she has what it takes to be successful in a man’s world and is respected by colleagues and competitors alike. Du...
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Sometime, Somewhere
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Andrea Blair and Damien King are childhood friends, although their destinies couldn’t be more different. Andrea is human, while Damien belongs to a breed of powerful vampires who are born to immortal parents and live seemingly ordinary lives un...
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Loving Damien
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