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I’m a winemaker and author.  My wine resume` says I have more than thirty years’ experience in winemaking.  In truth, it’s way more than that.  I began stacking cases on Robert Mondavi’s bottling line in 1971—only five years after Robert founded his winery.  For my first year in the wine business that’s all I did…stack 1,800 – 2,000 cases of wine every day.  You might have expected me to look like someone named Arnold after all that, but that didn’t happen.  The second year I got promoted to Warehouseman and my butt stayed glued to a forklift for the better part of eight hours a day.  Then I got to move into the cellar and from that time on I tried to stay away from bottling.  Unfortunately, the higher you go in the wine business, the more you have to do.  Bottling is a necessary evil.  It’s also “saved my bacon” on more than one occasion.  In 1982 I was working at my first managerial winemaking position, at William Hill Winery.  I was the Assistant Winemaker/Cellar and (yes, here it is) Bottling Foreman.  That was considerably better than working as case handler, but it’s still loud, stressful and less than pleasant work.


Since that time I’ve worked once more as Assistant Winemaker and twice as Winemaker/Winery Manager.  I’ve been very fortunate over the years.  My wines have received Double-Golds and scores in the 90’s—not that I consider scores to be a good measuring stick, but some people pay attention to them.


I can honestly say that, over the years, I’ve managed to work at every single position necessary to the production of fine wine, from the lowest spot up to the person who makes the final calls.  You might say I’ve been blessed.  I know this is true.  On more than one occasion, graduates of the U.C. Davis Wine School have told me that they would kill for my job.  Luckily for me, they didn’t.

I've also managed to publish four books along the way--"HUGH GLASS", "THE LAST JAGUAR", "THE SEEDS OF DARKNESS" and, most recently an e-book,  "THE TRIBE".



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