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I have been writing for over twenty years and at this stage I have nineteen books published with five publishers.  My latest is a war time romance novel titled Pearl of the Rising Sun published by Eternal press. Widowed five years ago i live with Bailey, my beautiful Golden labrador who wants to lick me to death.  I have three wonderful children who are grownup and left the nest.  I like to write Australian Colonial stories and enjoy Australian history. Seven of my books are in this era.  My most successful and enjoyable to write is The Pursuit of Mary McBride. A rollicking tale of transportation, the horrors of the treatment of convicts, the explortation of women and the pursuit of a daughter sold to a  bushman for fifty pounds. Most are available on Amazon, Manic Readers and with the publishers.  information can be found on my website.

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Current Releases
Blurb Escape or Die. An Arab girl and Jewish boy fall in love and marry. Both know if their love is discovered then it will mean death for both. They must escape Israel and the certainty of death or they are doomed.
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Love Me Kill Me

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Love me Kill Me
About the book: Hell to face with only one hope. When Angel Forrester, a girl of the street is arrested for shoplifting her life changes when Matt Craig is hired to be her mentor. When her abuser and stepfather, Frankie Forester is kil...
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The Mentor
When Rory Campbell is sent to New South Wales to relieve the shame he has brought on his family he meets and falls in love with the beautiful Elizabeth Ballentine. Trouble is Elizabeth has married a rich, middle aged honourable man in a deal ...
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  When cultures clash love will find a way. When an Australian and a Japanese girl fall in love they find the different cultures insurmountable. Determined to have each other they find further trouble when the war breaks out. Now bot...
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Pearl of the Rising Sun
  Alone in the world, fifteen year old Michael Kelly sets out to find a father who doesn't know he exists. Along the way he discovers life is far from sanitized and it takes him into a world of drugs, prostitution and theft. He faces ...
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Angela’s Child
How far will a woman go to protect her family?  Rebecca McBride has faced danger before but this time her whole family is threatened. How can she defeat two criminals who want the whole of her family dead and claim their land. Murder and ...
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McBride's Treasure
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A sweet revenge for murder and theft. When Nicholas Appleton escapes a murder plot he is determined to get his father's run back. Now he has to evade an assassin and make a fortune in gold. How can he reach the deadline, find the girl he loves and ex...
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Appleton's Run

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