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Already an accomplished songwriter with two gold records to his credit, Bruce lives just outside of Philadelphia with his wife and three children. In addition to writing, he enjoys baseball, playing guitar, reading, church, cooking and being a dad. Bruce grew up at the Jersey Shore (the picture is at Point Pleasant Beach, where Sands of Time is set) and graduated from Admiral Farragut Academy in Pine Beach, NJ where he first became enthralled with reading and writing. From his early influences Bruce was introduced to and fell in love with Shakespeare, Marlow, Henry James and Nathaniel Hawthorne. In addition to his books, Bruce has written for The Bleacher Report, The Father Life and The Examiner.
Current Releases
When high school superstar basketball player Liam Rider is sentenced to military school to serve out an aggravated assault charge, he thought his life was over. But when Lisbeth Harrington comes into his life she sparks feelings in him he didn't know...
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Towering Pines Volume One: Room 509
In one tragic moment, Sam Shepard's family was gone. His wife and children taken from him in a tragic accident following a bitter argument. Sam is left alone struggling with a mountain of guilt and a chasm of grief that can only be filled with alco...
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Sands of Time
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