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BRYL R. TYNE is a wrangler by nature and a writer by choice. Balancing as many pronouns as hats, somewhere between the evil day job, editing,  and helping a benevolent Sugar Daddy raise the last of seven kids, Bryl writes. Homoerotic romance is a favorite, but many of Bryl’s stories cross genres. Comedy, Fantasy, Mystery, Sci-fi,  even Westerns, Bryl writes them all.

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Current Releases
Forty-one-year-old John Ashley Price was a Western writing superstar until his accountant stole his heart—and everything else he owned. Now, unable to write and suffering from debilitating panic attacks, all he wants is to start over somepla...
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Rite of Passage
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Production Super Mark Hicks just wants to get through each day with zero safety violations. But the newspaper’s lead pressman, Ben Moody, wants to get through the day without taking orders from Mark. Stubborn, broad-chested, and respected by...
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Beneath Me (First Time for Everything Daily Dose 2011)
Hopeless romantic Martin LaRocca has eyes for only one man and faith their paths will continue to meet. He can't help himself. His masked Adonis, literally a distinguished member of the Knights of Fidelity, arranged the romantic interlude at t...
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Behind Blue Eyes
Samuel's not just feeling old, he is old, but he's not dead... not yet. And the bright spot of his week is spying on his hot new gardener. No one knows better than he does how ridiculous it is to think a twenty-something beefcake would...
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At Day's End
Following the traumatic events of Lost, the angel Zagzagel is more determined than ever to stand by his charges and do things his own way. Until now, Big Papa has allowed Zag to follow his heart, but He's about to lay down the law with his ren...
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The Zagzagel Diaries: Broken
"What haven't I made clear? Desire. Ecstasy. Satisfaction. In that order!" How hard could donning a Christmassy green Speedo and pretending for thirty seconds to savor a giant candy cane be, anyway? Granted, Parker abhors candy canes and...
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Sugarplum: Just Wink
Tommy is taking Curt home to meet his parents for Thanksgiving. The only redeeming factor to sitting down to dinner with his family and their decade-old strained relationship is Tommy's love for his mother's cranberry sauce. What he's ...
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The Secret Ingredient
Paul Kennedy is set on entering and winning this year's Buffalo Bill Cody's Wild West Days' Tough Guy competition. So why is everyone from Paul's ex to the Cody, Wyoming, postmaster hell-bent on discouraging him from competing? Each of his friends ha...
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Tough Guy
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"You ain't old, Ed. You just need to get laid." Coming Soon!
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May Day
RELEASE DATE listed - November 17, 2009. **Save 32%** Pre-Order from Amazon TODAY! Blurb for Exposed, by Bryl R. Tyne On his own since a young teen, twenty-year-old, computer genius, Clay finessed his way up the ladder at Minsho's Adult Sof...
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NERDVANA Anthology, my story - Exposed
Vampires are ever young, ever beautiful, and ruled by the cravings of the flesh. In Boys of the Bite, the gay male side of the vampire's legend is explored in every erotic possibility. From historical settings where vampires move through high society...
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BOYS OF THE BITE, A Gay Vampire Anthology, edited by Cecilia Tan
Josh Morgan, two grand in pocket. Dave Tanner, a hot guy, along for the ride, who values comfortable jeans as much as Josh does. Life couldn’t get any worse. Where did Dave disappear to wearing Josh’s money-laden jeans? Why is Dave&rsqu...
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Wrong Trousers

A Peek Into the Life of Bryl R Tyne

My Gentlemen - 2003

My Gentlemen - 2003
My youngest gentlemen - 2010

My youngest gentlemen - 2010
Martinsburg, WV Book Fair 2009 - My boys & Legendary Author and rabble rouser, Victor J. Banis

Martinsburg, WV Book Fair 2009 - My boys & Legendary Author and rabble rouser, Victor J. Banis
SIL, daughter, G-daughter, son, son, son, .... You get the point!

SIL, daughter, G-daughter, son, son, son, .... You get the point!

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