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Brynna Blake has been writing scorching hot fantasies that push limits and break boundaries for years, but has only recently decided to publish.

In her stories you will find couples of various sexual orientations, threesomes, groups, bdsm, sweetly erotic lovemaking, and everything in between.

When she isn’t traveling, Brynna lives in the Pacific Northwest with her partner.  She believes there is no such thing as too much when it comes to love, sex, wine, and chocolate.  And it is best when all four are enjoyed at the same time!

Current Releases
When Drake Kimball, a gay highly sought after reclusive artist, is ordered by the publisher of his newest graphic novel to show up at the launch party with a date he reluctantly allows his assistant to hire him an escort for the night.   He...
Available Now!
The Fix Up (Companions Escorts #1)

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