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Hey, my name is Byron Abrahams, (online - theGryfter).

I'm a Scriptwriter/Storyliner from South Africa, where I work for Rhythm City. If you ever get a chance, check out the show. It's really good, even if I do say so myself.

I recently published my first novel as an indie title: it's called Two Past Midnight, a contemporary romance about childhood sweethearts who struggle to find their way back to each other once they're all grown up.

Aside from scriptwriting, I'm busy on my second novel, at the moment titled Vengeance Burn. It's a departure from the romance genre - this one being an action thriller, heavy on the action - more details on that soon.

Thanks for checking out my page. I appreciate all the support!

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Two Past Midnight is set in the fictional town of Oak Hills, Nebraska. It tells the story of Cassidy Voltaire and Landon Reese, stereotypical childhood sweethearts who grew up in the sheltered bosom of their small town surrounded by their friends,...
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Two Past Midnight

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