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I'm a thirty-something professional female who endured my difficult teenage years with less grace then I would have liked only to emerge with a deeper understanding of what young girls suffer as well as a desire to ease their journey through the use of story.

I grew up in the bustling San Francisco Bay Area. At sixteen, to escape my turbulent teens, I submerged myself in reading and oil painting. To this day, both still provide me an escape from the hectic day-to-day life of living in a big city. After graduating from San José State with a degree in Economics, I married the one man who found my eccentric personality charming.

 It was then that my passion for reading sparked into a desire to write. When Paranormal Romance exploded on the market, I knew that was the genre for me. The adventure, romance and supernatural stories zapped me back to a time when I was wishing for something magical to take me away.

Today, I still live in the bay area with my husband, daughter and four black cats.

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Comments? Questions? I love hearing from my readers, so feel free to contact me via my website: or email me at



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Jada Bell’s first day of senior year starts the same as her last three years of high school: uneventful. That is until two mysterious brothers, Nathan and Seth Aron, walk into her history class. Jada is instantly attracted to Nathan and i...
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The Golden Hour

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