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Almost-thirty-year-old Alex Harrison is a well-known actor with good friends. Sure, he’s a bit emotional at times, but he’s also rich, gorgeous, successful—and, yeah, lonely. When his astrologer tells him to be on the lookout for...
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Mercury in Retrograde
Jack Grady left small town Arkansas behind to start a new life in the big city of Washington, DC, and he’s encouraged when he meets Evan Roderick. Though the attraction is instant, Jack has to leave without getting Evan’s number. Imagi...
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Electricity Sparks Inside of Me
Ever since high school, Mickey has been a very good girl. Yielding to her mother’s wishes she transforms herself into a Plain Jane, concealing her burgeoning sexuality because boys only want one thing. But part of her that she just can't...
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The Four Brothers Clan Series 2: Thrown to the Wolves

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