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CJ received her first Nancy Drew book for Christmas the year she turned six.  Before the next Christmas, she’d finished every Nancy Drew book written.  At 11, she discovered Daphne du Maurier and the die was stamped in titanium.  At 13, she penned plays starring her friends and their favorite Tiger Beat magazine crushes, a 500 page (unfinished) blatantly graphic novel (blush!) and countless story starts and stops.  Her parents (pastors) were thrilled when she settled into suspense salted with romance and left the all-sex-all-the-time behind.


She’s won numerous awards, finalled in dozens of contests and before her husband passed away was very involved with Colorado Romance Writers, Kiss of Death Mystery Chapter and RWA.  She lost the love of her life to an aggressive prostate cancer and avidly supports cancer prevention research and men who take saw palmetto every day.


When she’s not writing, she dotes on (and loves to embarrass) her eight wonderful grandchildren:  Nick, Josiah, Joshua, Naomi, Nathaniel, Rebekah, Samuel, and Timothy.  She lives in a four-generation household, which gives her much insight into familial relationships.


She’s a member of We Are Scripsi, where she blogs with members of her awesome and amazing critique group.

Current Releases
The day Max faked his own death to complete a Black Fire mission as a sniper, he callously broke Kat’s heart, leaving her pregnant and alone.  Now, after ten years, he’s back.  Even if Kat can forgive him, how will she overco...
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While You Were Dead
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