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In the woods, no one can hear you sneeze…   Daisy Janney--college student and assistant mortician--can't wait to get out to the country to attend a music festival for spring break. Her favorite band Shizknit will be there. But s...
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Tall, Dark and Hairy (The Necro-Files Book 3)
Not all vampires suck. Daisy Janney—college student, assistant mortician, and supernatural detective—is excited about her friend John Polidori’s new book, Bloody Sexy, the autobiography of his life as a vampire. But when someone ...
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Bloody Sexy
Ever wonder what happens after the hero kills the monster? Daisy Janney just wanted to go to college next year like everybody else—get out of her mom’s house, go to some parties, maybe meet some cute guys. But when she finds out she ha...
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The Necro-Files

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