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I work alone. I'm a private eye. When my casebook's empty— and it's empty a lot—I write books. Murder books. I wear a dark fedora and a trench coat even when it's a hundred and five in Sacramento.  I pack an 11mm Marley I bought at the Archie Goodwin estate sale.  I know which end the slugs come out of.  But 11mm slugs?  Hard to come by these days.

People say I've got attitude.  Attitude they don't like.  I get that a lot.  The cops and me? We work toward the same end, but we're like water and electricity. They think I cramp their style. They hate that  I don't have to play by their rules.

I usually end up  needing a lawyer.  I  had one.  He fell off the back of an ambulanceful of mesothelioma patients and got run over by a speeding Cooper.  I'm alone and  on my own.  It's a mean life.  I'm used to it.

Okay, really, I'm not at all like that.  I'm just a mild-mannered fellow who loves mysteries and detectives (public and private alike). I sit at my desk and drink coffee and daydream. I've never gone strapped (except for cash), and I've never shot anybody and nobody's ever shot me. I've been happily married to the beautiful Irma since 1967.  While my head's in the clouds, she helps keep my feet on the ground. 

I'm sure people in law enforcement laugh and/or snort at boo-boos they run across in crime fiction.  They may think the writers are stupid or simply ignorant.  FYI we may or may not know what we're writing about, but in writing there's a technical loophole that covers this.  It's called poetic license. It's legal. 



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The Sand Bluff Murders

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The Deputy
When a prominent but controversial doctor and his wife are murdered, no one is too surprised. Doctor Morgenstern ran several abortion clinics and many persons want to put him out of business. No lack of enemies here, but there's another possibili...
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The Morgenstern Murders

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The Sand Bluff Murders
  Corky Middleton is a seventeen-year old girl with a happy family life and a lot to live for. Corky was adopted. Her adoptive parents told her very early on. Corky's real mother died in childbirth. Corky loves her parents and knows s...
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The Albemarle Affair
  Chef Merle Blanc, he has the nose. And when millionaire Bernard Goldberg dies during a wedding luncheon in the chef's restaurant, Chef Blanc's nose, he smells the murder! What greater insult for Chef Blanc than that someone ...
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Deadly Reception
When a high school girl is found raped and murdered on River Road, Homicide Detective "Raf" Rafferty has to abandon his house-flipping sideline to flush out a killer. But this is a case that has everyone baffled, even Raf's cat T...
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River Road
  Hal Morrison is a loser who drifts from job to job. After an idle period during which he uses up all his resources, including his ability to tap his friends for money, Hal lands a job as counterman in a small diner, Marta's Place. ...
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Marta's Place
  Darcy Lemarsh is a loser. Angie Berry is a loser too, but she's a hottie. It's only natural that they should hook up. Darcy gets to know Angie''s grandfather, Professor Jason Berry. Berry, once a respected faculty member ...
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The Little Mornings
Wanna be a tough private eye? Easy, just slip on that old trench coat, don your fedora and place an ad in the Penny Saver. But be careful. Dysfunctional detectives Izzy and Vero did that, and of course what did they get? A dysfunctional clien...
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  An honest homicide detective will never have enough money, so when a chance to moonlight as a favor to an attorney friend comes up, Steve Music decides to take it on. His client is the wife of former baseball star pitcher Red Maddox...
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Still Life with Music
Can there be such a thing as too much evidence? When homicide detectives Steve Music and Kanietha Gertz are assigned to the Dainsbury Case, they have plenty of evidence…but no body! While Dr. Haddon Dainsbury is in another city at a medi...
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Losing a child is a parent's worst nightmare. When Jerry Beakey disappears during the short walk from his home to the home of his piano teacher, the city musters all its forces to bring Jerry back...if they can find him. Shelly Lambert kno...
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