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C. M. Skiera

C.M. Skiera currently lives in San Diego, California a long way from Michigan, where he grew up, graduated from Michigan State University, and started a career as an environmental engineer. He and his wife are devoted dog-lovers who share their home with two rescue Chihuahuas.

Crimson & Cream is C.M. Skiera’s debut epic fantasy novel, which he started in 1999, and after many twists and turns, 13 drafts, plenty of rejections, and the advent of online self-publishing, was released in 2012. Mirrors & Mist, Book II of The Oxbow Kingdom Trilogy is his latest novel, and he is currently writing Warlock & Wyrm, the final book of the series.

Current Releases
Jetsam fled Dwim-Halloe as a runaway orphan, escaping both a zealous bounty hunter and a dragon-obsessed fallen knight. Now, the teenager finds himself a fledgling apprentice to the infamous wizard Seryn Vardan, the Oxbow Kingdom’s most wanted ...
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Mirrors & Mist
Hounded by watchmen, trolls, goblins, and a relentless bounty hunter, thirteen-year-old Jetsam dreams of the day he’ll no longer have to run for his life.  A victim of circumstance burdened with an interminable unlucky streak, each sunrise...
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Crimson & Cream

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