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CR Guiliano has been an avid reader since the tender age of four. She discovered gay erotic romance and was so inspired by the sultry, yet touching romances that she added it to her growing genre of writing. She also writes fantasy, paranormal and scifi.

"I have to quiet the voices in my head somehow." She says with a laugh. Many a night she has been awakened by those voices, only to feverishly write down the gist of their clamering so she can flesh out (sometimes literally lol) the story later at a more respectable hour.

In her spare time, she is a single mother living in the desert of Arizona with her son and a multitude of cats...and one very sweet snake. 

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Lake has loved Lim for years, but Lim is oblivious. Can Lake ever get Lim to open his eyes and see the love right in front of him before Lake finally gives up? Lake Daugherty has loved William Cohen since Junior High. They were the best of fri...
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His Wayward Heart

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