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I write stories I would love to read myself. I write in the Horror, sci-fi, action, suspense, fantasy genres. Hopefully you will enjoy my stories just as much as I enjoyed dreaming and writing them.

Current Releases
A girl wakes up in a room where there’s a strange clock, a black owl and a church pew. With no clue on how she got there, she tries to leave but a man on the other side of the door tells her she must stay there until the clock strikes pass the ...
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The Thirteen Hour Clock
Sherrif Ajana Povich arrives at a gruesome crime scene in an abandoned house where a pile of dead body parts is erected in the hall. A young girl suddenly emerges from underneath the pile and that’s when things get weird. Who is this girl? Why ...
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Catherine is in love with Andrew but he is in love with Nancy. In order to get his love, Catherine tricks Andrew into going into her basement where she performs a love spell. Will it work?
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The Love Spell
 After her husband left for work, Sarah is haunted by strange voices telling her to kill her five-months-old baby girl named Laura. The voices tell her that Laura is a demon but is that true? Strange paranormal things happen to Sarah, that slowl...
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  Michael’s uncle John and father Joseph own a Christian healing resort to help out young women and teens that have addictions or have been brainwashed by religious cults. Their main mission is to escort the young women or teens from th...
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The Sacrifice
Maud goes into an isolated village to look for her missing sister. Dina. Who was there researching on the missing tourists. She meets up with the last person who saw her alive, Rosetta, who tells her she participated in a voodoo ritual. Maud at first...
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The Voodoo Mask
Devon is a shy and anti social teen with a talent for drawings. On one of his solitary routines, he meets Selia, a mysterious, sad teen with a sudden interest in him. He reluctantly lets her tag along and both become friends. Soon, however, Devon beg...
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A Second Chance
Malika is a doll, or is she? Abusive caretaker Miss Jenkins is about to find out. Will she survive Malika’s mischievous personality, or will it drive her insane?
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Malika The Doll

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