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Calista Bernier is the nomme de plume for a Los Angeles-based essayist, journalist, and author.  Calista has a BA in Journalism and an MFA in Fiction Writing from the University of California.  Her articles on travel, personal finance, and the entertainment industry have been published in many regional and national publications.  Pagoda Pines an e-book published by Cobblestone Press, is Calista's first forray into erotic romance.  She had completed her second installment, Pagoda Shores, and the concluding book in the Order of the Swallow trilogy, Pagoda Peak, is due out in early 2014.   

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Journalist and blogger Paige Marinelli often joins her husband, Dan, as a “plus-one” at conferences and seminars.  But when this attractive, outdoorsy couple arrive at Pagoda Pines resort, they discover a couples-only enclave with...
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