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Romance writing is literally a passion for Camile Carson. “Midnight’s Last Light” is her first published work in the romance genre. Her second book, “Lovers and Saints” was released in April, 2012.

Camile believes that romance is only part of the bigger picture. In her books, she allows the characters to tell the story, and removes unnecessary and superficial background. The theme is critical. Camile loves to write about the paranormal, spiritualism, symbolism and history. Camile works diligently to combine seduction, erotic emotion and physical interaction with a sound and engaging story line. To Camile, the story has to have all the elements of a great book. The story should captivate the reader as well as engage them in the romantic elements. 

Camile lives with her supportive husband, Don. He inspires the romantic spark that goes into all of Camile’s passionate scenes. Eager to be inspired with new passages for her books, the pair takes their homework seriously.  As they say, write what you know.


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Lovers and Saints by Camile Carson Take a young investigative reporter. Add a dash of mystery and loads of lust to create the perfect recipe for murder and sensuality in Lovers and Saints. The town of Crompton is under siege by a serial k...
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Lovers and Saints
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Midnight's Last Light

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