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Locked out of her office by her business partners, an overworked and rundown Michelle Rios accepts a vacation to Chimera Island to escape unwanted mothering. She's not looking for love, though she'd love a taste of the two hunky chefs she use...
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Dinner for Three (2nd Edition) (A.O.E.M.)
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Half god, half mortal and all man, Narcissus is wanted dead, not alive, by a jealous Hera. Sent to kill Narcissus, Eleiades finds himself captivated, intrigued, and enamored for the first time in eons. Now he must decide: quench the flame of love bef...
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As a wolf, there's nothing Vance and Xan love more than a plump, juicy hare. And this hare loves nothing more than being caught by her wild wolves... unless it's doing some chasing of her own! Publisher's Note: This collection contains...
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Bunny Tails (Collection)
On his way to the Winter Festival, Vance, the pack's enforcer, scents a hot, juicy bunny and decides to detour for a quick snack. His appetite is whetted when he finds his intended meal is no rabbit, but a woman hotter and juicier than any mea...
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Christmas Bunny
These futuristic sci-fi tales are anything but quiet. Board the Quiet Kitty Waveship and travel with Brant Sel, a Sh'Bahkyr Tygyr and his crew: Bevel-leveB, a Medusoid Jenari with a sentient cock, and Willa, a Sprite from the wounded planet Sp...
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Tales of the Quiet Kitty (Collection)

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