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Cammie Eicher is a native Ohioan who now lives in Kentucky, sharing her home with an oversized Sheltie and a bossy part-Siamese cat. The author of paranormal romantic suspense, Cammie grew up listening to family lore, which included learning that her ancestors were once employed on the estate of Vlad the Impaler, the model for Dracula.

Her alter ego, Cat Shaffer, authors contemporary romantic suspense, set in small towns were secrets are harder to hide.


Check out her work at Turquoise Morning Press and Resplendence Publishing.


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Current Releases
As the only reporter in the small town of Fortuna, Ohio, Tessa McDonald hopes every phone call will be the big story that brings glory to both her and the radio station, WFRT. When Eugene, the town’s one goth/gangsta teen calls, she only goe...
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Downhome Crazy
Shadow Ancients Series, Book Five    A century-old curse. A centuries-old killer. Thirty days to protect the world's oldest society.   Natasha’s prior encounters with the vampire Ancients have led to a...
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Chiana McFain is a tough as nails, no holds barred senior agent with Guardian Security, assigned to trace and dispose of hell rats, rogue vampires and other paranormal creatures. But she goes from hunter to hunted in a matter of seconds after a gh...
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Shadow Ancients Book Four   The Ancient world is in chaos. The body of famed model/talk show host/vampire Nekia is discovered by short-lifers after her execution.   The Prophetess, seer of the Ancients, is dyin...
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Blood Oath (Shadow Ancients Book Four)
When the Ancients' high elder is murdered in his bed, Giorgio Montrosa is assigned to find the killer ? fast. So he's not opposed to being given a partner, especially when that partner is hand-picked by the Prophetess, the Ancient's highest authority...
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Devil's Ball: A Shadow Ancient Tale
Life is good for Tessa McDonald, news reporter for WFRT in the tiny southern Ohio town of Fortuna, until she inherits an aged, three-legged, flatulent dog named Precious – which brings the ghost of her first lover along – and a dismembere...
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Dead Man Stalking
A Shadow Ancient Tale Belle DuPont has one hard and fast rule—take the money and run. It’s worked perfectly for the first century of her life, and she sees no reason to change anything. Until she meets vampire Misha Tsarentza, a c...
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Hell's Belle (A Shadow Ancient Tale)

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