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Rorn T’Kar, Commander of Earth ship Verdon, returns home after battling Earth's enemies for five long years. His one regret is that the woman he still loves, and who broke their engagement, was killed in battle. Lyra Dench broke her enga...
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His Holiday Miracle
Dillon Greenleaf is a member of Mythreal royalty and head of his planet's security. Debutantes have been chasing him his entire adult life in order to wed a man of power, and he's totally off women in general. But when he meets Keira Foley, a...
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Ever After
As a pragmatic cop, Kerry Blaine doesn't believe in aliens from outer space. When she's told they exist, and that she's to work with one to save the planet from total annihilation, her worst nightmares become reality. Using an Earth mo...
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Galactic Hearts
A lonely starfighter captain, Datron Mann, faces intrigue, adventure, and the dubious honor of judging galactic females in a beauty contest. He even faces certain death after accepting a mission to track down dangerous weapon smugglers--all in a day&...
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Unwrapping Miss Milky Way
Skord Shorner once lived his life according to chivalric codes.  For him, honor is the only thing that matters—until the Night Watch Agency  partners him with a beautiful Irish woman  to retrieve a magic relic he's been af...
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Dark Sins
Sean Reilly never asked to be a vampire. But when he’s mortally wounded and turned during World War II, he uses his new abilities to fight evil as part of the Night Watch organization. He’s also called in when someone needs to be turne...
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Eternally Chained (Night Watchers)
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