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Hi, I live in London, England and I write 'sweet' romances. They're inspired by all sorts of things - holidays on the South Coast of England by sandy beaches with rock pools and fish and chips. Or trips to harbourside towns with cosy restaurants and the sound of the wind on a cool spring day. London never fails to inspire me as it's always teeming with life and bustling with people. If I'm ever short of ideas, I can sit in a coffee shop, watch the world going by and sure enough something will spark my imagination.

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Fleeing family tragedy, a new start working at Margrave Manor seems perfect to Marie. Matthew Hughes, the charming gardener, takes a shine to her, but Mrs Johnson the housekeeper resents her very presence. What’s more, Mrs Johnson warns Mari...
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Take a Chance on Lov
City lawyer Kimberley is forced to take over an animal sanctuary left to her in a will. The Sanctuary, a Victorian house overlooking the sea, draws Kimberley under its spell. The same cannot be said for her husband Scott, whose ...
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The Sanctuary
  A British romance by Cara Cooper. Cassandra Waverley is thrilled with her beautiful harbourside restaurant. She's escaped a stressful job in the city and a personal meltdown which haunts her still. Just when she is relishing her...
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Safe Harbour
A contemporary medical romance by Cara Cooper Good looking and a wonderful medic, Dr James Frayne is a man with a secret which is threatening his work and his patients. It is up to feisty Becky Armfield, the practice manager at his surge...
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Healing Love
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