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A VAMPIRE UNDERCOVER His name is Reyes. His mission is simple; his methods, extreme. He is hellbent on infiltrating—and destroying—a notorious sex-slave ring in the dangerous world of vampire clubs. A WOMAN UNCHAINED Her name is ...
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Savage Chains (Men in Chains #1.5-1.7)
Lucian has woken up bound in chains in a place he doesn't recognize. Weak from being tortured, beaten and cut to ribbons by a whip, he's filled with anger and confusion. Why is he here? What do his captors want from him? And just how much doe...
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Chains of Darkness (Men in Chains #2)
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Angelica has a choice: leave the vampire BDSM club where she was held captive and sold as a sex slave, or stay and help Reyes bring down the men who captured her.  But if she stays, she must help Reyes complete his undercover mission by posing a...
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Savage Chains: Scarred (Men in Chains #1.6)
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An undercover operative, Reyes is posing as a buyer to bring down an illegal sex-slavery ring operating out of vampire BDSM clubs. His mission—to infiltrate the inner circle and destroy them from the inside out—becomes infinitely more dif...
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Savage Chains: Captured (Men in Chains #1.5)
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