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  Hi! Thanks for joining me here. I've recently released Eclipse of the Heart, a contemporary romance in which a sexy businesswoman finds herself hired as a tycoon's mistress. Sparks fly as she tries to juggle the job, which she desperately needs, with the boss's demands, which she desperately wants.

   Another contemporary romance is Baby, It's Cold Outside. Just like in the song, it's nice and warm in the hero's apartment, and he wants to heat things up even more. But if he discovers the secret she's hiding, will he throw her out into the blizzard?

   I have three short stories published in a Love Charm series. Does the love charm cast by each woman have the power to bring true love? It may, but not always in expected ways.

   In my personal life, I'm manic myself, with three kids and one husband (plenty, thank you). He travels a lot, which gives me many entertaining tales to blog about ( The kids, well, they're kids. I exist for them, right?
   I like to blog about travel adventures, flirting, and all the funny things that happen in life. If you see me guest blogging, please stop by. Or visit me at my website. I love to hear from readers! Thanks!

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Current Releases
Blurb for Seduction Seven steamy novellas from seven acclaimed romance authors, guaranteed to bring good fortune (or at least a hot read) to any romance fan. There's a seduction for everyone in this collection of never-before publish...
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The Duke of Devonwood - The first contemporary romance novel in the series: Bachelors of the British Nobility An Outrage Miranda's father has left her inheritance under the trusteeship of a Duke of England? Miranda can scarcely comprehend w...
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Duke of Devonwood
Amanda Thompson is offered her dream job as a junior executive at a Manhattan venture firm. The terms are a little vague, but she has a seriously ill sister to provide for, and her new boss is a seriously attractive man. Failure is not an option, ...
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Eclipse of the Heart
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    A solitary warrior risks his life to win a healer whose virginity is being auctioned in a mystical religious ceremony at the far reaches of the galaxy. When he is mortally wounded in his quest, she is torn between two competing dem...
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The Star Necklace
   Fleeing a cheating fiancé, Scarlet breaks down on the Fourth of July in a sultry Southern town where the Sheriff is even hotter than the firecrackers. With no car and no money, she finds teasing the Sheriff a fun way to pass ...
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Scarlet and the Sheriff

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