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I live in the rolling East Texas Hills with my wonderful husband, 3 very spoiled Maltese and one very old Golden Retriever.
I love to read and my favorites are Romantic Suspense, Time Travel, Edge of you seat Mysteries and Roll on the floor with laughter humor.  
I write Romantic Suspense and have started a Time travel. I would love to write humor that would make people laugh so hard, tears would roll.
My first story started as a joke.  A penpal hadn't heard from me in a while and I started out with the beginning of the story like it had happened to me and it kept going from there. 
Love you write and plan to do a lot more of it. The sequeal to my first book is almost finished and I think better than the first.
A Note From Carol Braswell

My first book will be out May 2, 2008, published by The Wild Rose Press.  The title is When the Past Came Back.
A successful attorney, Daniell Ward, is kidnapped by her ex-fiance and whisked away to a secluded island, somewhere in the Caribbean.  She encounters a web of secret government agencies that are pursuing a highpowered drug cartel in South America.  This headstrong woman is determined to learn the underlying reason why her ex betrayed her then turns up again eighteen months later.  In order to find the truth, she must take on a very evil drug lord and his army of assassins.
Enter the world of a suspenseful, action packed adventure with love thrown in as a motivating factor.

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