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    An avid reader of romance novels ten years ago, I wondered why I could never find stories making use of the rugged beauty of Nova Scotia. I set out to create such a story, and then to get it out of my head, I began to write it down. After joining Romance Writers of America and helping form a chapter of the organization in Halifax, I was able to learn more about the techniques of presentation. My stories are the result of that first effort and speak of the invaluable help I received from husband, Karl, who taught me to use the computer and is my biggest fan. Workshops, other published authors, and most of all, my online critique groups have enabled me to bring my imagination to life in my quest to entertain readers. I still often write about Nova Scotia--None So Blind, Undercover Trouble and Means To An End, but I've widened my scope with settings in the Canadian Rockies, Alaska, and Maine. Please check out my published works on my website at:

Current Releases

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Natural Obsession
An amnesia victim is desperate to regain her memory. Should she trust the man with a skull and crossbones tattooed on his shaved head, or should she rely on her instincts to save herself from those trying to kill her?
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Shadow Pursuit
A psychologist's attraction to the prime suspect in a high-profile murder case threatens more than her professional detachment. It also threatens her future happiness unless she can solve the case and uncover the real murderer.
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A Structured Affair
Erin Parker clashes with arrogant businessman Lance Dalton in her desperate attempt to save her father's company from bankruptcy. If not for the mystical influence of an 18th century privateer, neither would learn that their destinies are intertwined...
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A Spirited Liaison
Struggling to pick up the pieces of her life, widow Brie Beaumont accepts an invitation to visit the Circle C ranch in Canada's Rocky Mountains. Co-owner Jed Cameron distrusts Brie's motives. He is determined to protect his brother and the ranch from...
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Something About That Lady
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ZOOM! The Harley-Davidson revs up each time it passes in the night. Her cabin walls shudder. Jen Murray needs peace and quiet for a clear mind to plan her flight. Circumstance calls for confrontation. She knows all about confrontation. Mitch Waver...
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Undercover Trouble
Worlds collide when a mother willing to do whatever it takes to protect herself and her son connects with a recluse fisherman who wants nothing more than peace. Mauri Ripley has finally found safety for herself and her son in Maine. Her disfigure...
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Retreat To Danger
Fifty-something socialite Amanda Bennington finds herself at an unbelievable fork in the road. Freshly divorced and bitter as hell, she can now add homeless to her life’s description.
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Alaskan Magic
A dedicated cardiac surgeon, accustomed to relying on his skills, learns a less invasive way to mend a dietitian's broken heart. Excerpt: One “Dammit!” Dr. Braeden Landry’s eyes spit fire. He leaned heavily against the frame o...
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Be Still, My Heart!

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