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My novels are overpowered by the one thing we all need to survive, and that is love. A touch, an emotion that makes life bearable and worthwhile. For we all know with pleasure there is pain, and it is in our darkest despair when we acknowledge and appreciation that life given. Every element of who we are is stripped and refining us until nothing is left but renewed satisfaction; and more importantly, a love for ourselves. The endless circle is basic and simple, but we sometimes choose not to see it or can’t.

So accept both: pleasure and pain.

And remember, when you take the road less-traveled, pack your dreams, hold  tight and persevere; no matter how treacherous, rocky, or narrow the path becomes.

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Remember, hold tight to your dreams!

"Fight the Fight and Never Accept Defeat...
Life is like a three minute round. Step in the ring, feel the adrenaline, throw your punches and take them, respect your opposition; and win or lose, remember you went in fighting and came out a winner!” ~carol gambill

“Don’t be fooled, for we all need to be brought to our knees in order to rise up stronger.” ~carol gambill

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Current Releases
When Cat Lamarck moves into the neighborhood, she quickly discovers her neighbor has more attitude than a protective grizzly bear over a cub. Now, suspecting the worst after what she's heard, Cat is torn after being forced to undertake the next t...
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Neighborly Deception
Springville, Iowa 1871: Complications arise when a Federal Marshal transports two prisoners across Iowa territory.
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The Good, the Bad, and the Downright Sinful
It was all that Matt Lamont could do in keeping his life separated from his past, but now things were far from over. When a stranger, Autumn Reynolds, picks him up walking alone and confused along a country road, Matt is reluctant with the assistance...
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'Far From Over' Breaking Out Series, Book Four
Brannigan's War  Corporal Mitch Brannigan was always one to fight his way through life’s obstacles, and being injured in Iraq was only one more hardship to conquer. Now home in the States, he realizes it is one thing to return from ...
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'Brannigan's War' Breaking Out Series, Book Three
Reckless in his youth, Shaun MacGregor was never one to care about what people thought of him. But then he returned to the small coalmining town of Ashland, Pennsylvania after serving eight years in prison, and had a literal run-in with town socialit...
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'Once Wild' Breaking Out Series, Book One
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