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Carole Bellacera's work has appeared in magazines such as Woman's World, The Star, Endless Vacation and The Washington Post. She is the author of four acclaimed novels published by Tor/Forge Books in New York. 

Carole’s first novel, "Border Crossings", a hardcover published by Forge Books in May of 1999, was a 2000 RITA Award nominee for Best Romantic Suspense and Best First Book, a nominee for the 2000 Virginia Literary Award in Fiction.



Border Crossings– Forge Books, May 1999

Spotlight– Forge Books, April 2000

East of the Sun, West of the Moon– Forge Books, July 2001

Understudy– Forge Books, June 2003

Chocolate on a Stick – Baycrest Books, Sept 2005

Tango’s Edge – Beautiful Evening Books, Sept 2011

Upcoming: Lily of the Springs, March 2012

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I wrote my first novel, “The Vaughn’s Daughters,” in a loose-leaf notebook, drawing myown illustrations for it at the age of 12.  Summers were really boring in my rural area of Indiana in the days before driver’s licenses. With both parents working, my younger sisters, Kathy, and Sharon, and I had to drum up their own entertainment to while away the hours of the long, hot summers.  Kathy and Sharon liked the outdoors, but I preferred making up stories in my cozy little bedroom.  One summer I wrote a play, and forced my sisters and several neighborhood kids to perform it.  (Some probably would remember me as a “control freak.”)


In my teens, I continued writing novels in notebooks, and some were passed around my high school. Even then, I was eager to read the “reviews” on the blank pages left for that purpose—and luckily, most of them, if not all, were glowing.  One of my  favorite teachers, Mrs. Regina Scott, wrote a review that encouraged me to pursue writing as a career—something I wouldn’t do for another couple of decades. 


At 16, I wrote my best work yet—THE SWEDE, a romance inspired by growing up near the famous Indianapolis 500 race track.  (At the time, I was madly in love with race car driver, Peter Revson.)  Confident that it would be the next big best-seller, I packed it up and sent it off to Doubleday. It was promptly rejected with a form letter–and I officially became a professional writer—although I didn’t know it yet.  At the time, I  was too naïve to realize that being rejected was a necessary, though unpleasant, aspect of a writer’s life; I just assumed that New York knew what they were talking about, and apparently, I had no writing talent at all, so I gave up my dream.  (And discovered boys, and ultimately, a husband.) 


Fast-forward to the 1980’s.  Several momentous things happened that reminded me that I did have a talent for writing.  I went back to college and did well in a creative writing course.  This inspired me to start writing a romance novel about a race car driver (of course) and a news reporter.  It never got published, but writing it did the job of getting my creative juices flowing again.  And then…drum roll…something really exciting happened.  I met Princess Di at Andrews Air Force Base.  I hadn’t wanted to get up early that morning to go to the flight line to see the royal couple arrive, but my friend, Diana, talked me into it.  Who knew that meeting would be the start of a real writing career?  I wrote about the encounter, and months later, the article appeared in the military magazine, Family, earning me $100.  (And no, I didn’t frame it; I spent it.)


Thus, ambition was born. I began to get published on a fairly regular basis—and began collecting a lot of rejections along the way.  This time, though, I didn’t let them deter me.  Although I was doing well in publishing short fiction and articles, earning credits in magazines such as Woman's World, Endless Vacation and The Washington Post—(even publishing a story about how I met my husband in Chicken Soup for the Couples’ Soul), my dream to publish a novel remained elusive for 13 long years. 


But finally, in February, 1998, I got the call I’d been fantasizing about from my agent, and a year later, my first novel, BORDER CROSSINGS, hit the shelves, earning glowing reviews and awards such as a 2000 RITA Award nominee for Best Romantic Suspense and Best First Book and a nominee for the 2000 Virginia Literary Award in Fiction.  Six more novels followed.


I'm presently at work on an 8th novel, INCENSE & PEPPERMINTS, the story of a combat nurse in Vietnam, and I hope to have it out sometime in 2012. 


I live in Northern Virginia with the most wonderful man in the world, Frank, my husband of 38 years, and is blessed to be the mom of a talented daughter, Leah, also a writer, ( and a fantastic son, Stephen, and grandma to the two most beautiful boys in the world, Luke, 3, and Zealand, 2.  

For fun, I love to sing karaoke and sing in local shows.  I also make jewelry and sell it at craft shows and online. 


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Playing "Marilyn"

Playing "Marilyn"
Hubby, Frank, and Grandsons, Luke & Zealand

Hubby, Frank, and Grandsons, Luke & Zealand
My Sweethearts

My Sweethearts
My Favorite Guy

My Favorite Guy

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