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Carole Howard

I love to write.  I love to travel. (In case you can't tell, I'm on a rope bridge in the photo.  In Ghana.)

Writing fiction is my second…. no, wait, my third….. career.  I’m a former teacher turned corporate training consultant turned writer.  A girl from the Bronx who lives in the country and travels when she can.

I live in New York State’s beautiful Hudson Valley with my husband.  When I’m not being a writer, a wife/mother/grandmother, or a globe trotter, I’m practicing yoga, gardening, knitting, or playing the violin in a community orchestra.

About Face was inspired by an event in my life in which I got what I thought I'd wanted...... and immediately realized it wasn't.  While the experience wasn't entirely pleasant, I noticed that the speed with which "Yes, yes yes" turned into "Hmmm, maybe not" was interesting. 


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In this funny and honest look at her coming-of-middle-age, Ruth Talbot is battling so many demons, she doesn't know where to not-look first. As the fifty-something marketing director of a New York City cosmetics firm, she's engaged in a fiery...
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About Face
Deadly Adagio is a murder mystery set in West Africa in the 1990's.  Emily is the feisty wife of a U. S. Foreign Service Officer.  She knows she doesn’t want to be the good little Embassy wife, she knows she wants to play the viol...
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Deadly Adagio

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