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Carolyn Niethammer

I write about the plants, the food, the people and the wonderful places in the West. I live in Tucson, in the heart of the Sonoran Desert, but I grew up in the mountains outside of  Prescott, Arizona. I live in an historic neighborhood in a 97-year-old house where my husband grew up. When we were first digging up the yard for re-landscaping, I'd often find marbles or army men forgotten decades ago. 

After a lifetime of writing nonfiction books about Southwestern food, edible desert plants and Native American women, I'm thrilled to be welcoming my first novel, The Piano Player. I don't stray too far from my roots, however, as it is set in the West and has two strong women characters, one of whom (a real historical character) was a well-known cook. It is enormous fun to be taking this little jog in my career and I look forward to discussing Rosie and Nellie with readers.

Current Releases
When well-bred Mary Rose follows her dream to rowdy 1882 Tombstone, she quickly discovers that her sheltered life has not prepared her for the challenges of being a piano player in The Bird Cage Theater. Help comes from her landlady, Nellie Cashman, ...
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The Piano Player

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