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Carrie Lynn Barker has been an avid writer since she first discovered the alphabet and has never stopped writing. A California native since birth, she has spent many long hours avoiding the sun, which consequently has led to the completion of many a novel. Fractious is her first publication. She married the love of her life on Halloween in 2002 which led to the production of an independent feature film called Wicked Bad, which reached completion in 2010. She is a fan of movies, books and tattoos, all of which she has many.  Revelations, her second novel, has been nominated in the Paranormal category in 2012's Epic E-Book Awards.

Current Releases
  Blurb "Family is everything.            Government experiment, Chris Fletcher isn't quite certain of her own existence. Suffering from memory loss, she cannot decide...
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Blurb Only blood can save you now. The search for Arturo Holt is never ending and the game he and his favorite experiment, Chris Fletcher play has become more deadly. Chris finds herself in the presence of yet another bitter assassin—one sent to ki...
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Exodus (Book 3 First two were Revelations and Genesis )

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  Blurb Sometimes death leads you to life…     Chris Fletcher, government experiment, healer, lover and friend, heads to San Francisco, where she again attempts to hunt down the man who created her, all the while...
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When being defiant isn’t enough…          "Christiana Fletcher sets off from her orphanage home in search of her father, who doesn’t know she exists. She finds him dying and expo...
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